The Power of Practice! Philosophy study, asana, meditation. Join me now ...

Welcome. Whether you practice your yoga in a studio or a gym, on a cushion in a quiet corner of your room, or in a library with texts spread out before you, you are part of a longstanding tradition. Something called yoga has existed on this planet for millennia.  If we look, we see a current of insights and practices that keeps moving through time, evolving and adapting itself to the context and questions of people like us. Somehow, something throughout remains yoga. What is that?

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Les grandes oeuvres de la tradition yogique:
Explorer les Yoga Sutra avec nous, une fois par mois
au Centre de Yoga Iyengar de Montréal

Méditer…sur les pas de Patanjali cet automne
Sessions de méditation au Centre de Yoga Iyengar.  Info à venir

De l’ordinaire à l’extraordinairele périple du yoga
Ozen Studio, Rouyn Noranda, de 3 au 5 novembre

Robin has been exploring the field of yoga for over 30 years, and teaching for 25. Her classes & events combine insight and inspiration with education. She remains committed to depth and precision in asana while helping guide contemporary yoga students & teachers to uncover the power of yoga philosophy and gracefully integrate it into their physical practice and their lives.

If you are a seriously curious practitioner, a teacher looking to expand your scope of understanding and skills, or a studio in search of expertise in the areas of yoga philosophy/meditation for your training curriculum, contact Robin here. 

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