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Robin Golt (ERYT-500) has been exploring yoga as a path of learning and transformation for 30 years, and teaching since 1992.

Her teaching reflects an understanding of and appreciation for the traditional roots of yoga, and for the need to make these teachings work for the contemporary, western practitioner and seeker.

Known for her skill as an asana teacher, she awakens students to new levels of understanding in the physical (and subtle) body.  Robin also possesses a unique ability to bring the wisdom and philosophical teachings of yoga to life.

Robin practiced Iyengar Yoga for years.  She then encountered Anusara Yoga in its early days, and went on to becomeCERTIFIED Canada’s first affiliated and Certified Anusara teacher.   From 1997 through 2012 she offered thousands of classes, as well as workshops, immersions and teacher trainings in that method throughout Canada.  She served for years on the Anusara Yoga Certification Committee, supporting new teachers on their path.

Since 2012 Robin has been working independently.  She continues to create innovative courses of study, programs and trainings for students and teachers who are eager to build a deeper relationship with their practice, and to understand the connections between the traditions and paths of yoga.

Her power as a teacher reflects a synthesis of her own journey, which has included long periods of study under the guidance of master asana, philosophy & meditation teachers from both the East and the West, as well as self-directed study.

Robin completed 8 intense years of study (2006-2014) refining and expanding the scope of her understanding of the high teachings of Tantra (Kashmir Shaivism) and Yoga under the mentorship of renowned scholar, Paul Muller-Ortega.  She spent much of that time assisting Paul with curriculum as his programs developed

Before embarking full time teaching yoga in the early 90’s, she worked as a writer and translator.

Robin lives with her family in Montreal.


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