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Robin brings a freshness to traditional teachings with an approach that encourages students to connect to their practice in new and deeper ways.


Hosting Opportunities

Workshops:  Asana and/or Philosophy-based Weekends

Weekend asana workshops combine awakened, alignment based asana, an exploration of yoga wisdom traditions, and meditation tailored to the interests, level and needs of the community.   The two basic models are:

Mostly Asana:

Body-based workshops that focus on refining the participants’ asana practice and understanding, with philosophical teachings interwoven into the physical practice.

Hardcore Study:

For groups with a strong interest in study, work with a specific text, system or notion (e.g., the Yoga Sutra, Tantra/Kashmir Shaivism, the gunas, the Self).  These more study-oriented workshops include regular, shorter periods of asana to support the learning process, plus lots of opportunity for inspiring discussion & Q&A.

Philosophy and/or Art of Teaching Curriculum for Teacher Training Programs

200 hour Teacher Trainings:

Provide your trainees with a fascinating, solid overview of the key texts and teachings of the main yoga traditions that will inspire them to continue learning.  Depending on the number of hours your program allots for Philosophy & History, curriculum can include some or all of the following:

– What is Yoga – an Important Question!

– Timeline of Yoga History

– Teachings from the Bhagavad Gita and/or the Yoga Sutra,

– Tantra and Hatha Yoga

– Subtle body anatomy (intro to chakras, nadis, pranas, kundalini)

300 & 500 hour Teacher Trainings:  Philosophy & Art of Teaching

Step 1:  In these more advanced level trainings, we examine what was covered in your studio’s 200 hour training, and build a curriculum that deepens the students’ knowledge and encourages a more dynamic relationship with the wisdom teachings of yoga.

Step 2:  Techniques for integrating yoga philosophy into teaching asana.  These Art of Teaching segments provide your trainees with opportunities to naturally integrate the philosophical notions of yoga into their teaching of asana.

Students learn powerful contemplation techniques, are introduced to 3 key approaches to designing wisdom-infused classes, and begin to put each one into practice through mentored peer teaching.


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