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Listen: Dharma and those Lucky Stars audio

Already 3 weeks in to 2018, and the earth still spins at its usual rate, gravity still does what it does best, and the planetary script continues to unfold.... (listen to the audio) ...
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Once Again, Mighty Hercules Vanquishes the Enemy (just in time)

The Mighty Hercules  was a low-budget, visually stilted cartoon on tv that enthralled me when I was a very young child.  Thanks to youtube, which makes the past perpetually available, I was able to pull up a couple of clips and share them with someone recently.  We had a good laugh. Hercules (or Herc, as his friends called him) had a ring that he would slip on at crucial moments in the predictable-but-immensely-satisfying plot of each short episode.  As he slid that ring on and stretched his fist to the sky, thunder bolts would flash and crash from the heavens, re-empowering the ring, ...
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As yoga practitioners, asking questions about and inquiring into the nature of the body helps us to shed light on the journey we are on.  Different yoga traditions hold different perspectives on the body, and for different reasons.  Here is a brief introduction to this amazing story ...
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What is the mind is the question of the moment!  In yoga, the mind can (and should) be stretched and strengthened, just like the body. Enjoy this short talk on the nature of the mind and its potential. We hope the dog, who snuck in mid-talk, doesn't distract you ...
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This is an enormous question. While admittedly, it's not possible to answer it fully, at least from the perspective of the yoga tradition, we ask anyways. In the attempt to respond, something just might happen. In this video, we are encouraged to consider the nature of the heart as both an essential aspect of our selves, and something that unites us all ...
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We reap so many benefits from regular, ongoing practice. It's good to pause occasionally, take a good look back to see how far we have come and to appreciate how yoga can tend to work on us in a gradual way, quietly shifting our perception over time, smoothing out rough edges. At the same time, for many of us it's also the occasional unexpected AHA moment(s) that keep us returning to the path.  These Aha experiences or epiphanies can take different forms: a sudden letting go of secretly held tension in the body, or a flash of insight into reality (oh, NOW I get it!);  a spontaneous ...
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Hello!  Well here we are, safely past the mid-point of winter.  While flakes are still falling outside, and it's still anything but warm, I have been feeling a slow pull out of my partial wintry slumber, into the field of action.  Is someone out there turning up the dimmer switch, or is something else going on? The other day, I was having a follow-up conversation with some students who had completed a year-long study program with me.  One of them has been working with a book about the creative process.  She mentioned that, although technically the book wasn't related to ...
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Cycles within cycles

Greetings!  I am writing this on a beautiful fall morning in Montreal, where yellow, orange & red leaves still cling to the trees outside my window.  The fact that one day soon we will awaken to a scene from which all colour has been pulled and find ourselves moving in and through the grey-scale reality of November, is not lost on me.  The 11th month is frankly not my favourite one of the year. However, I still appreciate the forces of nature, always at work, which compel us to move through transitions and contrasting periods. The seasons are an expression of one of the most apparent global cycles, and touch everyone. But there are other, ...
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“Let people know that you teach spiritual yoga,” someone said to me this summer.  We were in the absolute quiet of a forest in Northern Quebec, on a windless day. I was so surprised I almost fell off the log I was sitting on. Years ago I consciously excised that word spiritual from my teaching vocabulary. It felt problematic because of its associations (other-wordly, transcendent, religious, things like that), & didn’t seem to jive with what I was presenting: yoga as a practice that teaches us to be grounded & capable in life, while we become more open energetically, more capable of true insight into the nature of ...
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