Roots of Yoga Online Course of Study Parts 1, 2, & 3

Do you want to know more about yoga philosophy?  

Are you interested in exploring how it relates to your life & practice?

I am!  And I look forward to sharing my investigations with you.

Here is a unique opportunity to build your understanding of the wisdom teachings of yoga, step by step.

In Roots of Yoga, Part 1, you’ll learn important ideas and terms to make it easier to  appreciate and get more out of the teachings and texts of yoga.  The course will also help you clarify & ground your personal yoga experience within a bigger context that connects you to a longstanding line of practitioners.

In Roots of Yoga, Part 2, we move on to explore some of the less talked about but surprisingly open secrets of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra.  Then, well-illuminated by those teachings, we start to investigate the  non-dual tantric tradition of the Kashmiri Shaivism.

Roots of Yoga, Part 3  integrates and builds on the Red Carpet Series lectures I offered in the fall of 2016.  Check out the INFO HERE.

This online course is a valuable investment for:

Yoga teachers who already have some yoga philosophy background, but are looking for guidance and structure.

Yoga practitioners drawn to yoga philosophy & teachings, but are not sure how or where to begin.


ROY 1 COURSE FORMAT      (see ROY 2 format below)

This is now a 6-week course, and you can begin at any time.

  • Participants receive pre-recorded video and/or audio lectures & guided practices, as well as written material once a week (on Tuesdays) for 6 weeks. You will be invited to consider different questions related to the topic covered from the perspective of your personal experience.  (Expect a total of 60-75 minutes of study, contemplation and practice time per week)
  • You are free to dip in to the material whenever it works for you.  There is no pressure to complete the course within the 6-week time frame.
  • Participants also have access to a private Facebook group where there will be ongoing discussions and contemplations relevant to the material covered.
  • Robin will occasionally invite you to participate in live Q & A calls when key questions arise on the FB page.  These calls will be recorded and made available.
  • Access to material will be for at least one year from the time of registration.

Roots of Yoga, Part 1 is the first step in an ongoing course of study, and the main pre-requisite for Part 2.


  • ROY 2 consists of 6-weeks of pre-recorded video and audio recordings, with one live Q & A and/or recorded video where questions will be addressed.
  • Expect to receive two videos per week, plus one audio meditation practice, as well as written support material.
  • Weeks 1-3 will focus on teachings of the Yoga Sutra.  Weeks 4-6 will venture into the non-dual tantra of Kashmir Shaivism.
  • We will take one week “off” between weeks 3 and 4, for people to catch up as needed.
  • Participants will be invited to join a private Facebook group dedicated to the ROY2 process.
  • The final session will be either a live Q&A call, or a pre-recorded audio session where I respond to questions and comments.
  • As with Part 1, you are free to participate as much or as little as you wish.  Since you will have access to the materials for many many months, there is no pressure to get through it all.  By now, you know my style.

Pre-requisite:  Roots of Yoga, Part 1.

(Part 2 overview is available to graduates of Part 1)


Week 1:  Orientation to the Course & What’s in a Word?

You are already doing yoga.  Now, how about broadening the scope of your understanding of what yoga is.  We’ll explore its history, purpose(s), practices, the word itself, and how to maximize our experience.

Week 2:  The Selfie & the Self

Stories about demons and deities from the Upanishads meant to educate and inspire you.  Explore self-image and the koshas.  What do the Self and the selfie have in common?

Week 3:  Enlightenment.  Really. 

The “ordinary” human condition is not the ultimate experience.  Hear what different traditions say about why this is so, and what to do about it.

Week 4:  Study Lifelines #1

Get comfortable with key notions, terms and contexts to ground your understanding and prepare the soil for further study.  (Karma, samskaras, maya and much more on the agenda.)

Week 5: Study Lifelines #2

Knowledge really can liberate.  Practices and techniques for effectively absorbing knowledge so that it evolves into wisdom.

Week 6: Great Paradoxes of the Yoga Tradition

Hear about fire and nectar, transcendence and immanence, the extraordinary in the ordinary and other paradoxes we encounter on the journey of yoga.


ROY 1, self-directed course:  $145 + taxes  ($166.71)

ROY 2, self-directed course:  $145+taxes ($166.71)

Payment Options:

Send an e-transfer (preferred), or register via PAYPAL HERE

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