Advanced 300-Hour Yoga Teacher’s Program

The Deepening Journey & Teaching as Yoga offers teachers the chance to focus on their own practices of asana, meditation and study in order to share yoga from a place of greater understanding and conviction. 

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Phase 1:  The Deepening Journey. An innovative program designed to expand your understanding of the field of yoga and teach you ways to engage with your practice in a more awakened, dynamic way.

Phase 2: Teaching as Yoga. Integrates the Phase 1 material from the perspective of teaching, and goes deeper, bolstering and refining teachings skills from many angles. Phase 2 will help ground your knowledge and allow wisdom to infuse your teaching.

If you are a yoga teacher eager to deepen and solidify your relationship with the power in yoga (asana & beyond) so that it flows through your life and your teaching, this is the program for you!

Come be part of a unique & supportive learning environment with a small group of mature & dedicated yogis.

We begin on October 13, 2017 at Sun & Moon Yoga in Dorval


Download the Info Package & Application:


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IMPORTANT:  Applications will be accepted until Sept. 22, at the latest.
Please don’t delay!

Completion of a 200-hour registered yoga teacher training program or the equivalent, approximately 2 years teaching experience, plus sincere interest in the multi-dimensional journey of yoga.

More Details about the Program

Phase 1 focuses on:

  • Study & practice of asana, history, philosophy & wisdom teachings of yoga & tantra, meditation & more;
  • Establishing a regular home practice of meditation and contemplation.
  • Learning effective methods, and building the required patience, to get the most out of the texts of yoga.
  • Developing a more grounded understanding about the relationship between the different yoga practices and schools of thought, and connecting the dots between philosophy & practice;
  • Cultivating inspiring exchange with a small group of like-minded yogic investigators of the truth;
  • Developing a personalized, individual process of study, and setting specific practice goals.
  • Overview of all the teaching elements covered in Phase 2.

Phase 2 highlights:

  • The art & science of teaching, including:
    • refining language skills
    • learning & teaching styles
    • anatomy & therapeutics
    • hands-on assists
    • sequencing strategies for both alignment-based classes & vinyasa
    • designing class series, workshops & retreats
  • Keeping it real while articulating from a deeper place of knowing & integrity;
  • Continuing to build an empowering atmosphere of trust and honest questioning amongst peers, and a forum in which to share your wisdom;
  • Teaching yoga as a holistic practice (sharing wisdom teachings, asana, meditation & contemplation ), no matter where you teach….

Wondering whether this program is for you? Contact Robin directly to arrange a time to talk.

What students are saying about the program:

**Anyone fortunate enough to come in contact with Robin and the work she embodies, encounters the opportunity to experience the junction of philosophy, meditation & asana with an in depth approach to the teachings that no other program presently offers…** Odessa T.

**As a yoga teacher looking for advanced training, I didn’t want a rehash of my first teacher training, but a deeper understanding of yoga, something I could share with my students. The advanced Immersion has given me more than that – it has given me a deeper understanding of myself.  Robin is truly masterful at making complex and mind-boggling texts accessible.  Thank you for offering an immersion that goes to the heart of yoga in the deepest way.**  Barbara H.

**One of the things I most appreciate is how your presentations of the classic texts and our conversations about them, allow me to begin to engage with them.  They morph from being foreign, inaccessible works I can read but not relate to, into ideas and viewpoints that I can engage with as part of my everyday living.  Through participation in this group, my definition of “spiritual” has widened, as has my capacity to access it on my own.**  JB

The Premise & Philosophy behind The Deepening Journey

During both phases of the program we explore yoga as a holistic approach to positive transformation on all levels.  We look at yoga’s potential as a life’s journey, one that opens up opportunities to engage more fully and courageously, to step through different, often unexpected, doorways as we continue on its path.

Although asana can be a truly powerful practice in itself, we take the premise that it is only one of the many petals of the full experience of yoga.  We want to learn to appreciate the flower in its fullness. Knowing more about the expanded yogic agenda can only be a plus for us and our students.

Phase 1, is dedicated to working with the source teachings of yoga in much greater depth than most hatha yoga teacher trainings can allow for, as well as working on our practices of asana, meditation, etc.  We take time to examine from different angles what yoga has to say about itself, and to see how we can make use of its various teachings for our own upliftment and evolution, and to make a positive impact on the world.  We work with some of the all-time bestsellers of yoga in new & interesting ways, plus dive into some of the lesser known but powerful texts and teachings of tantra.

Phase 2, Teaching as Yoga.  We will be entirely hands-on in our approach as we explore different strategies that will enable your teaching to resonate and reflect your expanded understanding, plus we will engage with more traditional “teacher training” elements to help refine and expand your capacities as a teacher.  Successful completion of this program will earn you a 300-hr level teacher training certificate registered with Yoga Alliance.


2017 Application_Montreal

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